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I think the Food Network changed everything. Chefs are celebrities now. The food world has become a celebrity world and I think it’s really affected the restaurant industry. It used to be about restaurateurs and maître d’s and now it’s about the chefs. A more chef TV driven world affects how restaurants are run.
Donatella Arpaia, Next Iron Chef judge and NYC restauranteur in a recent interview

Food TV | Top Chef Season 10

One of my favorite times in television is when Top Chef is back in my life, when anything and everything is related to Top Chef. I have been an avid watcher of the show Top Chef for years, and have watched every season. After nine seasons of it on the air, if you aren’t watching it by now you should be.

Well the opportunity is about to present itself for you Top Chef newbies because Bravo TV just announced the upcoming season 10 debut! The big announcement of which city the new season would take place in was made. And the big reveal is…Seattle! Check out the trailer for the season below:

Seattle, and the Pacific Northwest in general, definitely has a unique food culture, so I’m sure the challenges in the season will be very diverse.  Clearly if there is no challenge involving Starbucks coffee or seafood, something is wrong in the world, but obviously we know those challenges are going to happen. Maybe they’ll have a challenge where they cook in the Space Needle. They’re probably going to find some way to get a challenge at the Microsoft Headquarters. A Bill Gates cameo perhaps? Or a challenge set around making Bill Gate’s favorite food? Who knows, but it will be cool to see and learn about the city of Seattle through the lens of Top Chef.

However, I do wish Boston was chosen for the new season. Earlier in the year, there was gossip that Top Chef producers were down to three cities for the season 10 destination: Seattle, Portland, and Boston. Once this news made its way to Boston, an entire campaign in partnership with the city of Boston and digital marketing agency Digitas to show to Top Chef producers and the country why Boston would be the best choice. The campaign You Gotta Try Boston! campaign was a viral, city-wide event, with people taking pictures with their “You Gotta Try Boston!” signs in front of various landmarks and famous Boston foods. I may be a little biased because I live in Boston… But truly, as a city full of history and New England flair, Boston would have provided a foundation for great ideas for challenges.

But alas, the founding city of Starbucks won the Top Chef producers hearts. The new season premieres on Bravo TV Wednesday, November 7th, at 10 PM.

Side note: How much free Starbucks coffee do you think was given on all the set locations through out the show? That had to have happen. The contestants and crew must have had the general assumption of getting free Starbucks knowing they would be in Seattle. I would be upset if I was on a show that was filming in Seattle and did not receive free Starbucks. Just saying…

Food TV | New Bravo Show & New YouTube Channel

Bravo has a new show to add to it’s food TV programming. This year Bravo will be debuting Around the World in 80 Plates. The show is going to be a mash up of Top Chef and Amazing Race where chefs will battling in a “culinary race” all around the world. In each episode chefs will be in a new country and will have challenges revolving around the culinary traditions, cuisines, and customs in that country.

The show will be hosted by chefs Cat Cora, former Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, and Curtis Stone, former Celebrity Apprentice contestant and host of Top Chef Masters (both pictured above). Bravo calls this show “the network’s most ambitious production to date”. I am already a fan of the Bravo network and all of their food shows, so I am really looking forward to when this show premiers. The show is set to debut this May.


There has been a lot of news lately about how YouTube is planning to have channels with their own original, on-demand programming. It has been announced that a food YouTube channel is currently in the works.

Electus multimedia studio in collaboration with UrbanSpoon food review website will be working to create this YouTube channel. The studio has hired Bruce Seidel, former director of programming for The Food Network and The Cooking Channel, to run the channel.

This new YouTube channel will be able to act as alternative to TV and at the same time be an extension of the online platform that is YouTube. Ben Silverman, the founder of Electus multimedia who hired Bruce Seidel, says “the new channel could discover new stars and galvanize the niches that are driving the Internet food conversation”.

If done correctly, this YouTube channel can become a “foodie” hit. I’m excited to see how this new “foodie” outlet will turn out.